Mina is a highly trained Business Coach, Consultant, Author, and Speaker. Since 2008 she has been mentoring creative visionaries and entrepreneurs who are ready to Dream Bigger, Play Bigger, and Live Bigger™. Her clients are passionate about what they do and committed to living the lifestyle of their dreams while being of service to solve social issues through their innovative business solutions. Mina’s mission is to develop and support powerful leaders to live happy, authentic lives with greater clarity and purpose while producing extraordinary results in their personal and professional lives.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

If you've succeeded in surpassing the initial start up phase, and you’re ready to scale your business to even greater heights - congratulations on this exciting new path! Entrepreneurship requires dedication, persistence, and a lot of tenacity to charter new territory that others may not want to explore. And you have proven against all odds that it is possible. I also get the ongoing challenges you face as you actualize your vision. Whether it's looking to increase sales, to excite and motivate your team, or to find the best solutions to serious problems, such as not being able to fill orders or provide what your market needs or wants. And yet, inevitably there's bumps on the road that come with entrepreneurship. Most entrepreneurs are cut from a different cloth, and I’m sure you get that! So let’s explore together how we can make your job easier and how you can achieve the results you want.

Ideal clientele…Is this you?

You are extremely brilliant, have a giant heart, and feel that you are being called to a higher purpose. You are in the top 10% of your industry OR you have the DNA to get there. You have great ideas, products, and solutions that could help humanity and solve world problems or just simply make life easier for yourself and others. You may sometimes feel like you’re on your own island as an entrepreneur and when it comes to inspiring people to see your vision. You want life to be meaningful, and hope to leave a legacy for your family and others. You may not always be doing the things that you should be (such as having better self-care), but your unrelenting entrepreneurial spirit can’t help but find pleasure in working on your business. You know what you want to have (or have a pretty good idea), but could use a nudge or another pair of eyes to help you get super clear on your next steps to get you there. You totally get that sometimes, as you forge ahead, it will be uncomfortable until your vision is realized. But you are willing to stick through it to be the best in what you do and make the difference you are longing to make.

What we offer...

Mina loves working one-on-one to create highly customized programs that will address the issues that entrepreneurs are experiencing. Her unconventional approach is designed to produce real measurable outcomes for the individual leader and for the company as a whole. Unlike the cookie cutter steps and formulas that some business coaches offer that may or may not fit the needs of the individual client, Mina's intuitive approach to coaching gives valuable insight to her clients and discovers what needs are not being met. From there, together she co-creates with her clients to fill the gaps. Professionals earning at a 6+ figure level are an ideal fit, however budding entrepreneurs are welcomed to apply and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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