Mina Watkins is a highly trained Business Coach, Marketing Strategist, and Branding Consultant. Since 2008 she has been mentoring creative visionaries and entrepreneurs who are ready to Dream Bigger, Play Bigger, and Live Bigger™. Her clients are passionate about what they do and committed to living the lifestyle of their dreams while making a greater positive difference in the world. Mina’s mission is to develop and support powerful leaders to live happy, authentic lives with greater clarity and purpose while producing extraordinary results in their personal and professional lives. With over 220 hours of initial coaching and leadership training through an International Coach Federation (ICF) approved school, Mina is committed to upholding the highest industry standards.

Are you ready to take your life and profession to the next level?

I know what it’s like when things are not working out in your favor. I also know what it takes to have breakthroughs and to overcome life’s challenges. We all face challenges and we experience failure, sadness and frustration at times. But what matters most is to know that there is a solution to everything. It’s just a matter of discovering the path to that is optimum for you in order to discover what you're searching for. My philosophy and approach is simple…to have faith, patience, and to allow the space for a person to be human. By giving ourselves access to greater compassion, we allow our higher self to come forward to tap into a greater knowing of truth that will evolve ourselves and the planet.

Ideal clientele…Is this you?

You are brilliant, have a giant heart, and feel that you are being called to a higher purpose. You are in the top 10% of your industry OR you have the DNA to get there. You have great ideas, products, and solutions that could help humanity and solve world problems, or just simply want to make life better for yourself and others. You may sometimes feel like you’re on your own island when it comes to inspiring people to see your vision. You want life to be meaningful, and hope to leave a legacy for your family and others. You may not always be doing the things that you should be (such as having better self-care), but your unrelenting spirit doesn’t give up that easily. You know what you want to have in life (or have a pretty good idea), but could use a gentle nudge or another pair of eyes to help you get super clear on your next steps. You totally get that sometimes, as you forge ahead, it will be uncomfortable until your vision is realized. But you are willing to stick through it so that you can be the best version of yourself while making a difference along the way.

What we offer...

Mina loves working one-on-one to create highly customized programs that will address the issues that individuals and entrepreneurs experience. From leadership coach to a trusted confidant, her unconventional approach is designed to produce real measurable outcomes. Unlike the cookie cutter steps and formulas that some business coaches offer that may or may not fit the needs of the individual client, Mina's intuitive approach in coaching gives valuable insight to her clients and discovers what needs are not being met. From there, together she co-creates with her clients to fill the gaps.

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