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The Value of Business Coaching | Irvine Coach Mina Watkins


Marketing, financial planning, and inventory control are top-of-mind concerns for business professionals. However, some of the most important elements of running a company and managing work are often the most overlooked. This is where professionals see the true value of business coaching. Irvine business coach Mina Watkins explains below.

Irvine professionals who oversee staff have more to focus on than sales figures and financial projections. The employees they manage have their own goals, skills, and struggles, and they may look to the manager for support with them. In addition, managers have a lot at stake personally in their relationships with employees. They may feel that the staff does not respect their authority because of the closeness of their relationships. Or, they may be concerned about being too harsh with employees. As a result, managers may not be able to achieve the goals that they have for their companies or find satisfaction in their own work.

Through leadership coaching, Irvine managers can:

• Evaluate the situation more clearly by working with a supportive third-party.

• Identify what is causing these concerns and determine whether their view of the situation is well-founded.

• Learn to shift their approach to their employees and improve their situations.


This might mean realigning their thinking about their relationships with the employees, or it may mean using new tactics with employees to alter their relationships. Business owners can benefit in other areas than leadership coaching. Consider, for example, a family-owned company. This type of business faces both professional pressures and deeply-rooted emotional ties to one another. The benefits of this passion are that employees may work harder and have greater commitment to success.

However, these situations may create family conflicts that never seem to be resolved. Through business coaching, Irvine businesses can move beyond situations that are costing them money and losing them customers. This might include:

• One-on-one coaching. When staff discuss their concerns with a business coach in a pressure-free, non-judgmental space, it becomes easier to recognize roadblocks to success. As an impartial third-party, the business coach’s focus is the success of the company and the satisfaction of the parties involved.

• Group coaching. Once the business coach has determined the individual desires and challenges of the staff, she can work with groups to identify challenges and potential solutions.

• Ongoing measurement. Companies can meet with the business coach on a continuing basis to check their progress towards goals and to plan new tactics as necessary.

Through working with both companies and individuals as a business coach, Mina Watkins has been able to establish greater trust between staff members, help employees work more effectively, and improve the bottom lines of companies. She invites you to find out more about her services.

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