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Why Professionals Benefit From Career Coaching | Irvine Expert Mina Watkins

Are you interested in career coaching? Irvine-based expert Mina Watkins helps professionals resolve their challenges through a process of evaluation, goal-setting, and supportive guidance. Through their work together, clients can find a greater sense of fulfillment with their daily work. Read on to learn more.

Business Coaching Versus Career Coaching

It is important to understand the difference between business coaching—another service that Mina offers—and career coaching. Irvine companies that seek business coaching are trying to identify and resolve the challenges that are creating inefficiencies at the workplace. You may see this in family-owned businesses, in small companies, and at larger organizations that are seeking answers to their concerns.

For individuals, there is career coaching. Irvine professionals such as you benefit from this service when they have a skill or trade and are trying to make the most of their work. For example, you may have identified issues that you are encountering professionally that you suspect has to do with your leadership style. Or, you may want to overcome an emotional challenge that is preventing you from feeling satisfied with your career.

Each of these problems is common, and career coaching can help. By working with a coach, you can address underlying issues that may be holding you back, such as lack of confidence or organizational skills. A professional coach can provide exercises that help you improve in your work over time. You can learn new tactics for approaching potential customers, dealing with supervisors, overseeing other staff, and more.

Career Changing, Training, and Education

Career issues go beyond the workplace. For example, you might have the opportunity to pursue further education. However, you may not know whether you are ready for the multiple year commitment that education will require. Working with a career coach can help you feel more confident in your decision, define your purpose, and make the choice that will give you the greatest fulfillment and long-term happiness. In instances such as these, career coaching overlaps with personal coaching. Irvine clients of Mina Watkins can take advantage of both services simultaneously.

Need Versus Choice

Before you decide to work with a coach, try to frame your decision as a “choice” rather than a need for career coaching. Irvine residents who are first-time clients sometimes approach the relationship saying that they “need” help, but the difference is not just wordplay.

Why? Evaluating your circumstance, setting goals for yourself, and acting to achieve them will be part of your process. When you choose to perform these steps, you are holding yourself accountable for the life you want to lead. While the task may sound daunting, you will receive support and advice all along the way. We encourage you to make the choice today.

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