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Career Coaching: Newport Beach Professionals Turn to Mina Watkins

Mina Watkins is an accredited life coach serving Orange County, Inland Empire, and Newport Beach. Career coaching is an area of specialty for Mina, who for years has helped clients achieve their professional dreams. Read on to learn more about how she can guide you towards success.

The Value of Career Coaching

Newport Beach professionals face a variety of challenges at work. Some of these concerns are situational. For example, a salesperson may be frustrated by the lack of success he or she is having in winning new clients, or an employee may be uncertain about the best way of earning recognition for her achievements.

Other challenges are related to a lack of satisfaction in a chosen field. Some people wonder if they are in the right career, while others are looking to make a change but having difficulty finding their true passion.

Through career coaching, professionals in Newport Beach can:
• Identify issues that are preventing them from achieving success in their work.
• Learn to recognize the external and the internal causes behind these challenges.
• Develop a plan for resolving these challenges and tracking their achievements.
• Have a source of non-critical, supportive feedback about their progress.

Career Coaching in Action

Mina Watkins tailors her approach to the needs of each client. In some cases, she provides exercises that build skills, confidence, and focus. In other cases, she helps clients explore the internal conflicts that may be hindering their ability to succeed at work.

For example, the client may have an underlying fear of failure or a personality conflict with those in the workplace. In some situations, family dynamics and support from a partner play a role; Mina’s work often crosses from career coaching into her work as a relationship coach. Newport Beach clients will find expertise and support with each of these concerns.

Examples of Career Coaching

As a client, you might have a specific goal in mind: for example, becoming a recognized expert in your field. However, achieving this goal might require you to make presentations or appear in the media, and you may be concerned about the public speaking aspect. Career coaching can offer you the tools and support to overcome this concern. It can also help you understand what is causing your underlying discomfort with public speaking.

Another example: you might be unhappy with your current job but unable to identify a career that would be more satisfying. It may be that you have a few interests, but you are unsure of how to profit from these interests.

With career coaching, you can take small steps towards exploring your options and learning about jobs that are perfect for you (and that you might not have known existed.) Then, you can find the resources you need to make the transition to a more fulfilling career.

Whatever your objective, take the first step towards achieving it now.

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