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Attain Fulfillment across All Facets of Your Life through Coaching

Those who want more from their careers, relationships and daily lives can find help through coaching. Orange County Life Coach Mina Watkins works with individuals, business groups, families and couples from all walks of life in order to bring them greater self-awareness and satisfaction. As a practitioner of ontological coaching, Mina Watkins offers:

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is for those who feel that they can achieve more from life through their innate talents and passions but are having trouble tapping their full potential. Through life coaching, you’ll learn how to gain more fulfillment and inner peace in all of your pursuits.

Career Coaching and Leadership Coaching

Ontological coaching is particularly apt for professional settings. Not only does ontological coaching help you become aware of how your body, language and emotions affect how you are perceived as a leader, the goal setting and accountability skills you learn will help your entire team become more effective and productive.

Relationship Coaching

The longer we are engaged in a relationship, the harder it becomes to recognize how our actions and demeanor affect the dynamic of our relationships. Relationship coaching helps both partners gain a greater awareness of the relationship between their way of being and the outcomes within the relationship so you can attain effective communication and conflict resolution skills, a deeper emotional connection and greater mutual respect and support.

Life coaching helps you identify your true passions, set attainable goals and develop the awareness and skills you need to continue life with a habit for success and inner peace.

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