5 Important Things To Know As A New Business Owner In A Start Up

5 Important Things To Know

  Owning a business is exciting and stressful at the same time. Being “your own boss” gives a person the opportunity to create the lifestyle that wouldn’t otherwise be available when working for someone else. However, it also comes with a cost and responsibility. Unfortunately, ...

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2015 Is Off To A Great Start! What I Learned In 10 Days Of Silence

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With last year’s craziness behind me, I began the new year in a 10-day SILENT meditation retreat to go inward and onward. It’s Harder Than You Think! I almost jumped ship at the silent meditation retreat. Sitting in silence and not moving an inch for long periods (10 hours a day to ...

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Robin Williams: A Paradox on Happiness and Suffering

I'm heartbroken that Robin Williams, the award-winning comedian and actor, took his own life. Which leads me to explore two of life's biggest questions that people ask...What is the meaning of life? How can I become happy and not suffer?

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