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Understanding Ontological Coaching – Orange County Life Coach Mina Watkins

Ontology is the study of being. Ontological coaching helps you become aware of your way of being and how that directly affects the results you see in your life. What does that mean to you? It means that, through ontological coaching, you can:

• Identify the roadblocks that stand between you and your goals
• Adopt lifelong habits for setting goals and achieving tasks
• Command more respect and credibility in the eyes of coworkers and family members
• Create peace, happiness and harmony from within

As a trained practitioner of ontological coaching, Orange County Life Coach Mina Watkins helps you realize these benefits by understanding the three key elements of your way of being: language, emotions and body.

Language refers not only to the words you use to communicate with others, but also your internal conversations. How do you perceive events, and how do you process them? Ontological coaching will teach you how to analyze the circumstances and relationships in your life in a way that is productive and empowering.

Likewise, ontological coaching teaches you how to recognize your moods and emotions, what causes them and how to control them. This emotional intelligence gives you greater insight into your way of being.

The last piece, body, is outwardly simple, but fundamentally significant. All of the anxieties, prejudices and uncertainties that we don’t say out loud or acknowledge to ourselves are betrayed by our posture and body language. Ontological coaching can help shift your outlook and perspective while your body communicates a supporting message.

Combined with goal setting, accountability and a supportive partnership role, Mina Watkins can bring about lasting change in your life through ontological coaching. Orange County clients come to coaching sessions with a desire to achieve more from life and walk away with the tools and awareness they need to be more effective, more fulfilled individuals.

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