So if you haven’t heard already… Gmail is implementing some new features and they’re starting to automatically filter your email messages. If you use Google Apps for your business email address, it’s also affected!

They’re categorizing certain messages to you as “Promotions” and automatically making them skip your inbox.

This means that you won’t see any email from me in your main inbox UNLESS you adjust your Gmail settings!

Some accounts have not seen the change yet, but it will sooner or later. If yours has changed, please do this now.

Click on the image to display the graphic, if you can’t see it.

1) Open your e-mail and click on the PROMOTIONS tab.

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 2.34.32 PM

2) Find an e-mail from me ( and drag it over to the PRIMARY tab.

3) A pop up will ask if you want to do this for all future messages, click YES!

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 2.39.25 PM

And that’s it! It’s pretty simple.

However, if you want to COMPLETELY remove these tabs – go to the Settings box in the upper right hand corner of your inbox and select “Settings”. Click on the “Inbox” tab and unselect all categories but “Primary”. Don’t forget to save your changes!

Thanks in advance for staying connected with me!