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Professionals who become managers may be chosen for their positions based on their past accomplishments, their skill sets, and the availability of opportunities. Sometimes, though, these professionals have limited management experience. For those that want to develop their skills, there is leadership coaching.

Irvine expert Mina Watkins offers details below about what coaching can do. Mina is professionally accredited through the Accomplishment Coaching program and holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California State University, Fullerton. She is a former president of the Orange County Chapter of the International Coach Federation and provides a number of services, including leadership coaching.

Irvine professionals interested in developing their skills are invited to read on and then to contact Mina for a free strategy session.

Some people believe that having the title of “manager,” “vice president,” or “director” grants a person with authority over other staff. However, those that take on more elevated roles within a company usually realize that they are gaining responsibility and not control. It becomes their task to oversee a department, region, or company. They are accountable for the success of their products and services, and most importantly, they are responsible for their employees.

This is the issue addressed by leadership coaching. Irvine professionals who seek coaching typically work on developing one or more traits, such as:
• Organization: The most common role people expect of a manager is to structure the activities and direction of an office. Leadership coaching can help professionals develop tactics and strategies that can improve their efficiency and that of their employees.
• Inspiration: Establishing a path for business activities is only part of the process of leadership. Managers must also be adept at getting employees to buy into these activities. By working with a coach, professionals can learn how to encourage employee initiative, overcome resistance to change, and identify the needs of individual workers.
• Development: In most cases, a manager inherits the existing pool of employees. If staff members are under-utilized or under-trained, it is the manager’s job to respond to these concerns. A career coach can help a manager work with employees to identify career goals of their own and improve the overall quality of the work they deliver.

The process of working with a coach varies. In general, though, here is what you might expect:
• A trained professional can help the client identify overarching challenges.
• Clients may work with the leadership coach to establish steps for resolving these issues.
• Coaches with industry experience may provide resources for developing skills, such as books, professional networks, and daily training exercises.

With proper career coaching, Irvine managers who have felt stuck with inefficient employees, overwhelming deadlines, and an unclear path forward can progress towards clear goals. As a result, the professional will become more effective as a manager.

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