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Take Charge of Your Career with Leadership Coaching

Orange County professionals, philanthropists, community organizers and heads of household can benefit greatly through leadership coaching. Leadership coaching gives you the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed as an individual or as a member of a team. Whether you already hold a position of leadership in your workplace or community or if you are looking to further a new cause or organization in the right direction, leadership coaching will increase your ability to create results in any setting.

When approaching leadership coaching, Orange County Life Coach Mina Watkins draws upon her intuitive skill and her training in ontological coaching. Ontological coaching has its foundations in the study of being—unlike therapy, which focuses on treating emotional and mental afflictions, ontological coaching is purely empowering. It presumes that you are at the helm and that your body, language and emotions are what drive you and your actions.

Leadership coaching works by giving you awareness of how your way of being affects your current outcomes. You’ll discover exactly what it is that is stopping you from achieving your desired outcomes and how you can shift your behavior and actions so they are in better alignment with your goals.

Many clients come seeking leadership coaching as a solution for specific problems or needs. For example, leadership coaching clients may wish to:

• Command more authority in the workplace

• Inspire coworkers to be more productive

• Take control of their career and win promotions

But the beauty of leadership coaching is that it arms you with lifelong skills that will help you conquer challenges in your future. The awareness and tools you’ll gain during your leadership coaching will create a significant and positive shift in how you approach life. Setting goals, achieving tasks and remaining accountable to yourself and those who rely on you will become second nature.

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