What is a Life Coach? Irvine Expert Mina Watkins Explains

Almost all of us have people in our lives who offer guidance and feedback. In grade school, for example, we have teachers who support us in our studies. As we grow older, advice may come from elsewhere. Athletes improve their skills by following the guidance of a trainer, patients learn how to stay healthy with the help of a medical professional, employees become more adept at work through training with the right mentors, and so on.

So, what is a life coach?

Irvine residents often ignore areas of concern that are just as important as education, health, and mentorship. These concerns may be centered on your interactions with other people, such as a spouse, a family member, or a co-worker. Alternatively, they may deal with your professional goals or company.

A life coach is someone who helps you address challenges that you might otherwise face alone and that have caused you to feel stuck, frustrated, and unhappy.

In teaming with a local life coach:

  • Irvine clients can identify the issues that they want to overcome, whether they deal with work, family, or creating new relationships.
  • Clients are taught to recognize the challenges that lay beneath these issues. In some situations, a person feels frustration and seeks change but is uncertain in which direction to go. Other people may have a vision of the life that they want to lead but do not know how to make that vision a reality. Understanding their basic challenges allows clients to have better control over their circumstances.
  • The client receives guidance and exercises from the coach, which help in overcoming his or her challenges. Exercises may be about handling relationships in a new way, removing oneself from a negative situation for a short period of time, or another approach.

In choosing Mina Watkins as their professional life coach, Irvine clients find someone who supports them in establishing and advancing towards their goals. She acts as an accountability partner and helps clients see the progress that they are making along the way.

This last point is essential. One of Mina’s biggest priority as a coach is to have clients establish measurements for success. Take, for example, business coaching. Irvine professionals are encouraged to track their weekly progress towards improving their companies, starting their new business, or developing better relationships with employees. When it comes to personal relationship coaching, the measurement for success might be improvements in the interactions a person has with his or her spouse or family members.

By creating measurements for success, clients can track their progress in their weekly check-in meetings with Mina (available in person or by telephone.) She will offer new tools and resources throughout the process so that clients can grow more and more confident in their ability to handle their personal challenges.

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