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Working with a Life Coach | Newport Beach, CA

It is easy to become overwhelmed with life’s problems. You might be having difficulty maintaining personal relationships, achieving success at work, or finding a new, fulfilling career.

However, the reason for these problems may not be the things you are “doing.” Instead, they may be caused by the way you are “being.” Understanding the difference between “doing” and “being” is one of the most valuable benefits of working with a life coach.

Newport Beach clients turn to a life coach when they face challenges that leave them feeling stuck, frustrated, and unhappy. Working through these issues alone may not be possible because it is difficult to see a way forward without the help of another person, especially one experienced with the problems they are facing. Fortunately, there are options for breaking through to a new life.

Finding a New Way of Being

By working with a life coach, Newport Beach clients learn that the way that they approach life is driving them to “do” things in a certain way. At the base of many decisions are fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. These emotions exist so subtly below the surface that clients are often unable to recognize their influence on their own.

Take your job as an example. If you handle negotiations, sales, or project management and you are fearful of rejection, your entire approach may be skewed towards failure. You may project a lack of confidence without even realizing it, and you may not know how to change this way of “being.” That’s where the advice of a trained coach can help.

Working with a Coach

Through the support of a professional life coach, residents of Newport Beach can begin to see alternatives to their way of “being.” However, a life coach doesn’t just point out these alternatives. She…
• Provides you with a plan for achieving success, helping you track and achieve goals.
• Offers exercises that help you gradually change your way of “being.”
• Gives feedback on issues that have become difficult to discuss with others.

The right life coach gives guidance that is solution-oriented, supportive, and personalized to your needs. Working together isn’t about judging or criticizing; it’s about finding a way of “being” that can improve the quality of your life.

About Mina Watkins

Mina Watkins is a trained and experienced life coach. People turn to her because of her insightful approach to the daily challenges they face and because of her proven results on their behalf.

Mina’s work helps her clients achieve extraordinary results in several areas, including leadership coaching and career coaching. Newport Beach clients benefit from her years of experience and her professional background.

Mina Watkins completed her professional coach and leadership training through Accomplishment Coaching. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from California State University, Fullerton and she is a former president of the International Coach Federation Orange County Chapter. You can learn more by reading her bio here.

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