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What Role Will My Life Coach Play?

If you’ve been considering life coaching, you’ve likely already heard about the benefits of hiring a life coach. Orange County life coaches have helped area professionals, community leaders and artists unlock their full potential and gain greater self-awareness. But what role does a life coach play in improving your way of being? Read on to learn how Orange County Life Coach Mina Watkins can bring you to a place of greater awareness and inner peace.

Accountability for Your Agenda

What you achieve from your life coaching sessions will be dictated entirely by the goals you set. Mina will support you and motivate you towards achieving these goals.

Illumination through Mirroring

Your life coach listens intuitively and asks powerful questions which will uncover both what is said and unsaid. By mirroring back what she hears from you, Mina gives you insight into both your internal and external conversations and how they are perceived.

A Partner in Your Vision

As your life coach, Mina will help you discover and articulate your vision for what your life should look like. The steps towards achieving your ultimate happiness and life purpose will be taken by you—but the path will be cleared during your life coaching sessions.

As you can see, life coaching is about self-awareness and empowerment. Unlike therapy, where the patient is approached as someone who is mentally or emotionally broken, life coaching focuses on your innate talents and passion with the idea that you are whole and contain all that is needed to have a great life. Life coaching moves you forward along your path to success and fulfillment, and your life coach supports you, inspires you and motivates you along the way. 

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