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Get Personal and Career Coaching from an Accredited Life Coach | Irvine’s Mina Watkins

Mina Watkins, a trained and accredited life coach serving Irvine and Southern California, works with clients on a number of issues. However, all of the people who benefit from her services have one trait in common: they are looking to improve their daily experience and to become more satisfied in their lives.

Career Coaching

Irvine workers who are seeking ways to maximize their professional potential can find support by teaming up with Mina. She helps professionals identify issues that are holding them back from achieving success at work, whether it is relationships with co-workers or leadership skills that they want to develop. Also, she provides career coaching to Irvine residents who are considering further education or switching professions and who are uncertain of which direction to choose.

Personal Coaching

Irvine clients choose Mina for a number of reasons, but at their root, they are trying to identify and resolve the issues between themselves and others that are causing unhappiness. For example, couples can work with Mina to address reoccurring issues. Also, individuals who are trying to find the right match but who have had a tough time in dating can turn to Mina for guidance. She helps them identify personal issues that may be root causes, suggests exercises for gradual improvement, and acts as a cheerleader and sounding board for their efforts. As a result, clients find confidence, accountability, and greater personal satisfaction.

Working with Mina Watkins

In choosing Mina as their life coach, Irvine clients can expect a process similar to the following:

• Initial strategy session: Clients use this time to elaborate on the challenges they are facing and the goals that they want to achieve. Mina provides tools and techniques that help each client address his or her situation.
• Measurement of success: Mina is a strong believer in measuring success. Typically, during the initial strategy session, she and the client will determine what they will use to gauge whether the client is progressing towards his or her goals. Creating a measurement helps clients recognize the value in the relationship with their life coach. Irvine clients also find that measuring progress gives them a sense of control and accountability in their lives.
• Regular update sessions: Whether they are interested in relationship coaching, professional coaching, or career coaching, Irvine clients set a number of scheduled meetings with Mina. These sessions allow the client to review the progress they have made towards their goals. Mina will also help them identify new challenges, tools that can help them overcome obstacles, and more. Typically, sessions run for one hour each.

You are invited to contact Mina Watkins to take part in any of her services, including career coaching and personal coaching. 

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