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You might be feeling stuck in the challenges of daily life. You may be struggling with problems at work. It could be that you are having trouble communicating with your loved ones.

Fortunately, there is an answer.

Whether you need a career coach, a relationship coach, or a life coach, Newport Beach-area’s Mina Watkins can help. Rely on her experience, her sensitive approach, and her professional training to address the problems that are preventing you from achieving personal success.

A Commitment to Change

Solving your challenges begins with the choice for life to be different. Often, though, there are factors that keep people from making this leap.

For example: before they choose to work with a relationship coach, Newport Beach clients may have the desire to improve their connection with their spouse. However, they may be too afraid of upsetting the status quo or hurting their partner’s feelings.

In another case, before they receive career coaching, Newport Beach professionals may be interested in changing jobs. Unfortunately, they may be held back by a lack of confidence. It can be scary not knowing whether the new career will allow them to make ends meet.

The right coach helps clients through these roadblocks. She works with them to understand these issues, and together, they address them head-on. Having someone to act as a sounding board, to be a supportive partner, and to offer advice on these challenges can make all the difference.

Working with Mina Watkins

Mina’s process is both proven and customizable:
• She and her clients define the problem. Then, she helps them to identify underlying concerns that may be keeping the problem from being solved. Sometimes, these underlying concerns are behaviors or beliefs about which the client is completely unaware.
• Mina and her patients develop a plan for moving past the challenges towards their vision for success. For example, with career coaching, Newport Beach professionals might set their sights on a promotion, successful public speaking, or starting a job in a new industry.
• Through exercises, feedback, and discussion, Mina helps clients achieve small milestones until they reach their final objective.

Clients set regular appointments with Mina, which they can attend in person or by telephone. Conversations center on the client’s experiences during that week and the results of the exercises that Mina has recommended. Together, they analyze what has worked, what needs improvement, and how the process is changing the client’s daily experience.

Mina’s process attracts clients because it is goal-oriented self-examination. The value of each session is judged on how it helps clients move towards resolving their challenges or realizing their dreams. Thanks to her supportive approach, clients look forward to their meetings as an opportunity to take hold of their life.

Whether you are seeking a life coach, relationship coach, or help with career coaching in Newport Beach, now is the time for action.

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