Valentines Day and Relationships: Mina Watkins, Guest Speaker on KLAA Community Cares 830AM Radio

In this candid conversation, Mina speaks with Award Winning Broadcaster and Radio Host Tammy Trujillo on the challenges individuals and couples face when planning for Valentines Day. Listen and learn ways to keep the spark and romance going in a relationship, how to find your perfect mate, and how to deal with the pressures and expectations during the Valentines holiday.

Getting Ahead in Business: The Entrepreneurial Mindset (Nov 4, 2014)

Growing pains in a business are inevitable. And as the business grows, so does the business owner’s mindset – so we think. True success doesn’t come just from having the right plan and strategy. It also requires having the success mindset and understanding the importance of managing fears and self-limiting beliefs so that nothing prevents the business owner from moving forward in their plans. Mina Watkins will explain some of the limitations that cause business owners and entrepreneurs to get stuck. And she will share ways to shift yourself back into a positive direction. Learn to become a powerful leader and move through ANY challenge.

Goal Setting: Demystifying the Process (Feb 7, 2012)

Mina Watkins, Lois Carson and Beth Belzer are three ICF ACC credentialed coaches. They will show you how to set goals that are achieved! Patricia interviewed Lois, Mina and Beth, on properly setting goals and achieving them which they say can sometimes seem like a mystery. Studies have shown that few people reach their goals or don’t reach them at all. Understand the power behind goal setting as it relates to reaching your intended results, learn why so few people do it, and discover how to use the SMART method to set goals. Listen to these three who share that you will also gain a deeper understanding of a coach’s role and how that can support you into your goal setting and achieving your goals process from start to finish. (We apologize however this audio is unavailable for replay)

Critical Mass, The Coaching Perspective (Sept 1, 2011)

Doug Gfeller interviewed Mina Watkins about why she became a coach and the direction of the coaching industry as a whole. Listen and learn what you need to look for when hiring a coach, what a coach brings to a session when working with a client, and other great information to help you learn more about coaching in general!