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What is Personal Coaching? Irvine Life Coach Mina Watkins Explains

Mina Watkins is a trained expert who provides personal coaching to Irvine area residents. Her education includes accreditation through Accomplishment Coaching’s training program and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California State University, Fullerton. Mina is an experienced coach and a board member of the International Coach Federation, Orange County Chapter.

Occasionally, Mina’s clients are unfamiliar with the process of personal coaching. Irvine residents who approach her with interest in working together find out quickly about the purpose and benefits of the relationship. Personal coaching, Irvine clients learn, addresses individual challenges and needs. It is a process of helping you to evaluate your desires and concerns, examine how you operate and perceive your life, and identifying ways to achieve your goals.

Personal coaching helps you move beyond the feeling of being “stuck” in the same way that career coaching assists people in moving forward professionally. Often, people choose to work with a coach because they do not feel a sense of satisfaction in some important aspect of their lives, whether it is work or friendships. For this reason, there is often a crossover between personal coaching and relationship coaching (Irvine clients of Mina Watkins can receive both services at the same time.)

Some of the issues that personal coaching addresses include:

Motivation: Underlying everything we do, from getting out of bed in the morning to writing the novel we have always wanted to publish, is motivation. If you have a life dream but find that you are not drawing closer to realizing it, you may benefit from personal coaching. Irvine clients who work with Mina learn to establish goals and receive resources from their coach that help in achieving them.

Clarity: You may be in a relationship that you are not sure is right. You might find yourself torn emotionally between two important choices. Or, you could be unable to overcome a persistent feeling of being “stuck.” Through personal coaching, you can find a way through the fog of uncertainty. Having perspective about your life and your decisions can help you feel more in control and confident in your decisions. Mina provides clients with tools and techniques for gaining this clarity.

Perspective: People often feel a sense of isolation even when they are surrounded by others. They have thoughts and emotions that they cannot express, and they feel held back by the circumstances of their lives. As a personal coach, Mina helps clients reflect on their situation and find new ways of acting and reacting. As an unbiased third party, she provides a relationship to clients in which they can discuss their concerns more freely, recognize opportunities more easily, and overcome obstacles that have long stood in their way.

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