Do you need to refuel?


When you think you are doing all the right things and you are still not seeing any changes or improvements, it can really drain you and empty your ‘life’ tank. You may go into the “I am frustrated! What do I do?” stage that most people face when they find themselves spinning their wheels.


So, what do you do when you become frustrated?


Well, first thing is to find out what is causing the frustration. Frustration happens when a need is not being met for an expected outcome as a result of a lack of resources. I will share some ways to get yourself out of frustration and to get the resources you need in order to move in the right direction.


What is missing?


What resources are currently missing in your life or business that is keeping you from having more revenue? Is it having a really solid product or program, or is it the right marketing plan? Or what about the right success mindset? We may feel that we are doing all the ‘right’ things, but if we take a closer look we find that we are missing key components that hold us back from the real success we want. And this can cause our life tank to become empty and leave us frustrated.


Before going and making some drastic changes, I invite you to make a list of what resources you currently have. What are some of the things that you currently do in your business to generate more business?


Are you networking? Are you active on social media for business? Do you have a marketing plan? What is your strategy for getting new clients and business? Write down all of these things you do. Then determine the return on investment for each. Keep the ones that are working! Be truthfully honest with the items that aren’t giving you the greatest return on investment and consider letting those go. Because these are pulling precious energy away from you when you can be trying out something new in your business to see if that will give you a greater return.


For example, if you are part of a networking group or a member of a local chamber of commerce, evaluate how much actual time and money is spent on going to the meetings, having one-on-one meetings, traveling to and from, and the membership dues. Then calculate how much sales or actual net income you receive for the amount of time and money you put into your investment, as well as the value it brings to elevate you and your business. Here are some questions to ask:

Do you find that this place gets you enough new clients to be worth your while?

Are the people or referrals you receive your ideal clients and customers?

And does the amount of net revenue exceed the time, money, and energy you are investing?


If you answered ‘no’ to either of these questions, then it’s time to reconsider your commitment and shift your investment into something else to see if that would give you the desired outcome. Perhaps you may gain a greater return on investment by hiring a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert that can drive more traffic to your website and increase your conversion to encourage visitors to buy your products or services. Another option would be to do webinars or host live events and invite the people who would be more your target audience that you can gather leads and up-sell them to your higher priced services or products. Or, you might find that speaking is a better option for you so that you are able to share valuable content, gain credibility, and then sell your products on stage.


I’m a firm believer in efficiency in business and leveraging resources. If something is currently not efficient, then eliminate it and leverage your resources so that you are working “on” your business and not in your business.


It is one thing to have a website. You can have the coolest, most fancy website on earth. But it’s another thing to have your website found by your ideal clients and customers and converting them into sales. If people can’t find you on the internet, then consider your business invisible to the world. Or worse, people land on your website and leave immediately because it was confusing and the message didn’t match what they were originally looking for. You invested a lot on your website, and yet it is merely a tool and part of a larger system and strategy for your business.


So if your business is lacking in the right resources, you may be missing out on greater revenue potential.


Starting today, I invite you to explore some new and different resources you can incorporate into your business, so that you can attain that financial freedom you want. Some examples include: hiring a social media manager, investing in a good search engine optimization plan, hiring a brand strategist, hiring an assistant or a team to manage the day to day so you focus on what you enjoy to do. The challenge I find most entrepreneurs face is that they wear all the hats. However, the only way to get ahead in business is to have a team and delegate the tasks to others that know more about their area of expertise and do the job faster and better. Yes, your business will become better if you allow yourself to get out of your own way.


The benefits of hiring a coach and mentor is so that you can receive ongoing support with your goals so that you are not stopped, and to determine the best strategy in your business before investing in any type of marketing for your business.


When working with my clients, we first evaluate their business model in order to determine the best strategy so that they are getting the greatest ROI. This will ultimately eliminate the frustration and feeling drained or ‘out of gas’ in their business.


If you are interested to learn more about my services and how we can get you out of frustration, I offer a free 30 minute  “Confidence Building” session. Click here to schedule your phone appointment now.


I look forward to serving you!