“What’s your secret?”


I’ve been asked this question many times from people when they refer to me being happy.

And for the record I want to share that my life isn’t perfect, nor do I have a perfect formula for happiness. In fact, I’ve had my own share of major life-altering challenges in my health, finances, and relationships, which have seriously impacted my overall happiness and fulfillment in life. I believe everyone is born into a life of trials and tribulations…

It is how the person navigates through them that can make a difference. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience, and on a journey to learn the truth about ourselves and how life works.

I only do what I know through what I’ve learned in my own experiences that work – which is to face my challenges and fears head-on so that I can re-frame my situations and shift my perspective to a more positive way.

And by doing this, it allows me to take a closer look at myself as a human being, make changes as needed, and find the right solutions so that I can be happy. Over time and over the course of many years in doing this, I’ve been able to successfully see the light shining brighter amidst the darkness.

One thing for sure…

I believe there are basic fundamental principles to follow when in pursuit of happiness.

Keeping in mind that there isn’t one single source that will magically bring a person true happiness in all areas of their life. It is a combination of things that add up to that secret formula to happiness for that individual, and it requires work on their part to get there.

Below I’m listing just a few of my own personal secrets that have helped me to become happy (click the headings to read the full articles).

I will honestly tell you that there’s a LOT more that I could add on this list – but if you were to just master three, then I truly believe that these three will give you a jump start in the right direction to having a better quality of life and make it more meaningful – one that can lead to true happiness.

I’d love to hear from you about what’s your secret that makes you happy. Or what doesn’t (smile). Feel free to drop me a note either way!

Wishing you much happiness,



Secret #1 — Do What You Love

Happiness is when you really love what you do, and it needs to stretch you. If you find that what you do doesn’t reflect what you are passionate about, then consider doing a little self-exploration to determine what really gets your juices going.


Secret #2 – Gratitude Brings Prosperity

As humans we have the unique ability to look at things in life and place our own interpretation on them…Shakespeare said it best in Hamlet…”There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”


Secret #3 – Freedom to Choose

“Do… or do not. There is no try.”

There’s something to be said about this strange and yet cute fictional character saying such wise words of wisdom. And it goes very far in reminding us that we have a choice on how we want to view ourselves.


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