“Mina has helped me rediscover myself with relationship, finances, short term and long term goals. Applying what she has coached me through has doubled my monthly income and helped me create meaningful relationships with old and new friends, family members and romantic relationships as well. She is a mentor that has taught me how to stay on course with ease and simplicity.“ ~ DJ Versatyle


“As a CEO and Entrepreneur, I come across a lot of business coaches and mentors. I find everything about Mina Watkins to be at a level above the others. Her professionalism and her positive enthusiasm for life, coupled with her insight and knowledge base, differentiate her in a powerful way.“ ~ Darlene H. Grimes, CEO Isle of Love, LLC Resort Development Company, and IOL Vacations, a Private Luxury Travel Club


“Mina’s confidence is contagious! Her leadership is supportive, straightforward, kind, and generous. From a place of genuine presence, she has a knack for “being with” her clients – meeting them where they are, while championing them to move forward with courage. She demonstrates what is possible by going first. I am honored to have Mina as an ongoing mentor, and highly recommend her as a leader, trainer, and personal coach.” ~ Marianne Wagner, Conscious Creation Coaching


“Mina truly supported me during our sessions.  She helped me exercise my strengths and overcome fears which I had for a long time. Working with her was a joy and she has planted seeds of success which I notice sprouting in my life right now!  Our work was vital in my journey and the changes I have made are priceless.  Thanks again.” – Benjamin Simmons, Entrepreneur, Business Owner


“Mina’s coaching has empowered me to strive forward in my career and to reach out and strive for more challenging goals.  Since I have had coaching with Mina the changes in my life have been tremendously positive.  Her articulate business sense and ever positive mentality and dedication really set the stage for me to progress higher. I highly recommend Mina and have really enjoyed working with her. “ ~ Emma Quindazzi


“I felt like I was learning to swim again and was afraid of the water. Mina provided me a safe harbor to reveal my concerns and fears. That conversation allowed me to define my goals and refocus on my abilities. I was pleasantly energized by her coaching skills. During these trying, economic times I find value in using her as a coach, as a mentor, someone who can guide me to realize what I know I am capable of producing.” – Dora Mendoza, Life Insurance Agent


“Mina has helped me to think about the opportunities that are out there and view these possibilities through a different lens. Having her guidance and support has been essential in pushing me to identify my passions and explore my options. It was helpful to understand what was holding me back, and identify what I wanted in life to propel myself forward. I would recommend Mina as a helpful coach and guide to anyone going through a transitionary time in their life.” ~ Suzie Cooley


“Mina Watkins is so magical to me. She has shown me my power that I have had all along. I call her “the Brain Cracker,” because my brain feels like it is being opened up to so many new, amazing, energizing life forces that I had not dared to experience or too afraid to grasp. Mina has been my accelerator force to help me overcome obstacles in my personal and professional life much faster had I tried to accomplish it on my own. Thank you Mina Magic!” – Kerinda Raine, Mary Kay Director


“Mina is a wonderful, professional person to work with. She goes above and beyond to help her clients work through their obstacles with their interests at heart.” – Heather Shelton, Registrar – Pinnacle College


“I highly recommend Mina! She is very compassionate, knowledgeable and resourceful. I referred a family member going through a very tough time to her. Mina was quick to respond and made her feel comfortable right away. I have heard many great things about Mina from the other people she has been helping. If you need someone to help you achieve a business or personal goal she is the person to see.” – Beverly Thomson, Owner – HostingOC.com


“I was laid off in January of 2008 from my employer of 8 years. For 2 years I struggled trying to find gainful employment. I was completely frustrated and discouraged. After a few sessions with Mina, however, I regained my confidence and joined a new firm a few weeks later.” – Michael McNamara


“I just have to think of things Mina has taught me to give me a push. There are techniques and a power with in us that she can help us find. She has motivated me to keep going during hard times. Baby steps are turning into success!!” – Michelle Ryan, Sales Representative – Savy Ventures


To be honest, I had never contemplated talking to anyone outside of my intimate social circle about my life related issues, but Mina made me feel at ease. I was able to open up to her about my immediate concerns and she was able to help me to delineate what may be some obstacles that are not allowing me to go forward with my work goals. She also provided some possible solutions based on the information that I provided. Her objectiveness is what we all need, regardless of how ‘normal’ or ‘healthy’ we think our decisions in life may be. I feel that having a competent and caring life coach is something that we all need and the fact that Mina is able to offer these life essential services is like a diamond in the rough! I would wholeheartedly recommend everyone to take the time and seek out Mina’s professional services! – Ralph Santos, CEO, MBA, OTR Neighborhood Home Health Care, Inc.


“Mina has helped me let go of the tremendous guilt feelings that I had and my disproportionate sense of responsibility. That was a much heavier and immobilizing burden than I realized. She is also helping me focus on my professional goals. I do and would highly recommend her services to anyone who has gotten stuck in a place that they would like to move out of and away from.” – Marty Banich, Lead Consultant – Scentsy