If I love myself I love you-Rumi-MinaWatkins

Let me share why it is my least favorite.

I say this because there is so much emphasis on this day to show love and appreciation to your loved one, that sometimes it can create unnecessary pressure and expectations being unmet. What if there was another way to look at this?

You see…there are 365 days in a year, and I believe that each day is an opportunity to express love to your spouse or partner…or yourself. For those that are single, let’s be honest – it isn’t fun to be single on Valentines Day and it becomes a day to be feeling sorry for yourself.

I was so delighted when I was invited to be a guest on KLAA Community Cares 830AM Radio with Tammy Trujillo to talk about relationships and Valentines Day.

We laughed and had so much fun. It gave me an opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas about the challenges with planning for Valentines, and some ways for couples to bring more romance into their relationship. For singles, I shared my process on how to find the perfect mate that is proven to work and how to celebrate the holiday in a positive way.

There were so many things shared, but my most favorite thing we discussed is loving yourself. I believe you must love yourself in order to attract love. When you look at yourself in the mirror and can genuinely love the person that is reflecting back to you, that is when you become a magnet for attracting people to love you. It also means you are sending out the positive vibes and energy that will naturally have people treat you in the positive way that you want.

Then it becomes Valentines Day every day! Wouldn’t that be great?

Click below to listen…and please…let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear from you!

Have a LOVING Valentines Day!!!