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If you ask an experienced entrepreneur “what does it take to be successful?” you will receive a variety of responses from being persistent – to having a great vision – and to finding passion in what you do.


And this may be true in some cases. However, if you ask a successful entrepreneur the same question, they will undoubtedly tell you it’s because they had the right people, good mentors and a life coach by their side to help them be on top of their game and avoid costly mistakes.
Yup. You read that correct. Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Oprah, and many other great leaders in history surrounded themselves with coaches because they understood the return on investment that it had on the bottom dollar for their companies.
If you’re looking to reach greater heights in your personal and professional life, then consider reflecting on the following questions to see if you find yourself answering ‘yes’ to any of them…
Do you catch yourself busy with being busy, and still not getting any closer to your dream life? 
Or have you settled for less than what you deserve?
Do you throw in the towel sometimes after being frustrated when something doesn’t work?
Until you get enough energy to get back up and try it again?
Which could be days, weeks…or never?
Are you jumping from one business idea or project to another with no success?
Well, what causes this?

Have you found yourself asking what’s really getting in the way of you achieving your life’s biggest dreams and living the life you want?

I’d like to share briefly my personal story.  I was once asking that very same question. There was a time where I was frustrated and unhappy with where I was in life. Nothing was working, and I couldn’t seem to get myself into a better situation. I began to become very depressed, frustrated, and angry at the inability to be happy. My career was unfulfilling, and my relationships with my spouse, family, and friends were strained and needed some serious improvement. One day I said to myself that I’ve had enough. I decided to go in search for the answer to the question above.
This quest wasn’t easy at first. For over a year I was trying to figure it out on my own with not much success – naturally so, because I was operating out of a context of what I only knew. I was raised to believe certain things about life, and those things were fixed. And because this reality was very true for me, I had difficulty seeing that my life could be any better, I was not able to make good choices, and I was unable to change my outcomes. This unproductive cycle went on like this for over a year. So, as most people would do, I prayed for a miracle. Thankfully an angel came into my life and it was in the form of a life and business coach. I decided to seek support from her to discover what was really preventing me from finding true happiness – and that new discovery (thanks to my coach who helped me get there) led me on a path of greater fulfillment and newfound excitement for life.
Within a short period of a few months I began noticing significant improvement in my overall well-being and happiness. And it didn’t just stop there. My relationships improved, my health became better, and I discovered a new line of work that I love that allowed me to make a greater impact. I feel a renewed sense of self and the changes in my life became better than I had imagined – and it continues to just get better! I learned to step into my highest and best self, and it just seems that life is working.
When I became awakened by this incredible experience, I realized that it wasn’t just me that experienced the same challenges. I found that a lot of people are unhappy, not living their dream life, and were seriously stuck. When I found the solution that worked for me, I felt a strong desire to help others to find the right answers in the same way. I found that it was too valuable for other people to not know this life-changing information. I decided to sign up for a formal coach training program with the world’s finest coaching school so that I can learn the proper skills to coach others to have the same results that I experienced. Since 2008 my life purpose has been to support people to achieve the things they want in life, to live out their dreams, and to be happy, fulfilled individuals having a positive impact in the world.
So…do you want to know what I discovered and the cause for what’s preventing people from living the life of their dreams?
The real cause is this…
Where you are in your life right now is all based on your patterns and past conditioning.
What you learned early in your childhood, what you modeled, and what patterns you’ve developed along the way is what’s shaping your life as it is today.


Over the last several years I went on a journey to meet & observe the most successful people on this planet to uncover what they do differently that makes them successful. I’m very blessed to say that I have been mentored by some of the most amazing public figures and successful people that have contributed to some very amazing things in this world. I learned a lot from them, which I believe is what contributed to my successes as well.
You see, successful people think differently. They have a different mindset. And I discovered that their internal conversations are solely on what they want to achieve. They focus on what they want, not what they don’t want. Their inner dialogue shows in the way of their actions and through their language. Proof is in the pudding. Their lives wouldn’t be a success unless they have a success mindset. Period.


Do you have internal conversations telling yourself that you’re not good enough, you can’t do it, or you worry about what others may think?

You know that this way of thinking doesn’t lead you to become successful. Yet you continue to have this inner dialogue.
Am I right, or am I right?
You also know you must do something different in your life – and yet you don’t – or don’t know how.
You may begin making some progress in one area of your life, and then you think things are ‘good.’ Only, you find yourself going right back to old habits again. You begin to do things that might get you on the right track – for a while – and then something happens where you begin spinning your wheels and you find yourself right back where you started.


Follow all the best formulas, read all the self-help books, and go to all the training seminars on the planet – and those systems won’t work unless you address the BIG elephant in the room.

And what is the big elephant?
It’s you and your subconscious thoughts – the self-talk and the self-sabotaging patterns that you learned. You see, it isn’t about just the “doing” – the real formula to success is about the DOING and how you are BEING – together. When both of these are aligned, it becomes a very powerful recipe to make things ‘GREAT’ – not just ‘good.’
True change, especially lasting change, requires both taking different actions (doing), and shifting the automatic ways we approach a situation (being).


Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~ Albert Einstein

When you operate from old habits and patterns, your automatic ways of being (mostly coming from fear) is telling you something that doesn’t match up with what you are wanting to do. Your fears become the driving force behind your actions, and you make decisions that are not coming from your true power.
You either keep yourself back from taking the next step – or even taking a step at all.


How many times have you thought of a great idea, but didn’t actually pursue it because of fear?

And how often have you made choices when you didn’t feel confident, or afraid something negative would happen, and then discover you made mistakes along the way – and that ‘negative thing’ you were thinking of ends up happening?
These are examples of your patterns and conditioning preventing your situation to turn out the way you really wanted.

If these fears, patterns, and past conditioning were out of your way, what would you do differently? What would your life look like? What would your business look like?

As a trained coach through an ICF approved program, I will intuitively and instinctively uncover the patterns and support you to remove old conditioning and masterfully coach you to create true lasting breakthroughs so that you are no longer held back. You will create an empowering reality about how life really works.


When you take the first step to trust life and trust where you’re headed, miracles are inevitable. ~ Mina Watkins


What if you discovered a new way of doing things that will guarantee better results? If you’re curious to find out, then I invite you to explore together.


Coupled with my skills and experience coaching hundreds of individuals to get past their obstacles, it would be a pleasure to support you to find the solutions to your biggest challenges. Here’s some of the things you will achieve by working together:
  • create true lasting breakthroughs – eliminate old patterns that don’t serve you
  • shift from managing life and work to being a leader in your world
  • attain balance and greater well-being for a renewed level of energy
  • gain clarity and direction on your life’s purpose
  • reduce stress and overwhelm
  • improve your leadership and communication skills
  • increase your confidence and self-esteem
  • identify your strengths, passions and gifts
  • have a greater sense of fulfillment with yourself, your relationships, career and family
  • build a successful and lucrative business that you are passionate about
  • And live a life you love!!


What others are saying…


If anyone out there has ever needed those special words of encouragement or an objective opinion on how to potentially solve a personal or professional issue, then you may know how invaluable a mentor or a life coach can be. To be honest, I had never contemplated talking to anyone outside of my intimate social circle about my life related issues, but Mina made me feel at ease. I was able to open up to her about my immediate concerns and she was able to help me to delineate what may be some obstacles that are not allowing me to go forward with my work goals. She also provided some possible solutions based on the information that I provided. After my conversation with her, I felt a sense of relief; it became a therapeutic experience, a time to ponder upon my life. Her objectiveness is what we all need, regardless of how ‘normal’ or ‘healthy’ we think our decisions in life may be. I now find myself looking at the notes that I took during our conversation and thinking about the specific questions that Mina posed. I feel that having a competent and caring life coach is something that we all need and the fact that Mina is able to offer these life essential services is like a diamond in the rough! I would wholeheartedly recommend everyone to take the time and seek out Mina’s professional services! ~ Ralph Santos, CEO, MBA, OTR, Neighborhood Home Health Care, Inc.


Mina’s coaching has empowered me to strive forward in my career and to reach out and strive for more challenging goals.  Since I have had coaching with Mina the changes in my life have been tremendously positive.  Her articulate business sense and ever positive mentality and dedication really set the stage for me to progress higher. I highly recommend Mina and have really enjoyed working with her. ~ Emma Quindazzi


As a CEO and Entrepreneur, I come across a lot of business coaches and mentors. I find everything about Mina Watkins to be at a level above the others. Her professionalism and her positive enthusiasm for life, coupled with her insight and knowledge base, differentiate her in a powerful way. ~ Darlene H. Grimes, CEO Isle of Love, LLC Resort Development Company


I’d be honored to explore the possibility of working together. By now I hope that I’ve demonstrated a better understanding on how business coaching is really a “no-brainer” so you can really live the life of your dreams. And it starts with taking that first step – to make a choice to be ready for the new possibilities that are just waiting for you.

If you are ready to explore together…

Apply for your Complimentary Consultation now.


I look forward to speaking with you soon!