'Live Your Life On Purpose' Workshop, Saturday July 24th, 2010

  • Are you frustrated and overwhelmed about having no direction in life?

  • Are you lacking fun and fulfillment in your relationship?

  • Does the word happiness seem to only exist only in other people’s dictionaries?

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then join Mina personally at the ‘Live Your Life With Purpose: Tools to Reveal Your Path’ workshop  in Fullerton to learn what is missing for you to achieve true  happiness…forever! In this guaranteed 4 life-changing hours you will reveal your true self and the meaning of your life in a whole new way. Together we will define your purpose and you will learn what it means to live life from your true essence. Your life path will evolve tremendously and transform in your:

  • Career
  • Family Relationships
  • Friendships
  • Romantic Relationship

With powerful Ontological Coaching by Mina your life will shift in so many positive ways. You will gain the freedom and satisfaction knowing that your life is heading in the right direction. You will feel liberated and free from the frustration or overwhelm forever!

We won’t stop there. Next, we will co-create a set of goals and actions that will support your path to get what you want. You choose in which area you want to focus: work, romance, health, relationships, and many more.  Learn actual tools that work to get you in the right direction and live a life with meaning and purpose.

Mina Watkins, a Professional Ontological Coach and Member of International Coach Federation, will masterfully coach you to:

Define your life purpose

  • Know that under all circumstances and in any economy where your life path is leading you
  • Have clarity and direction to use your talents and your full potential

Discover your Essence

  • Imagine what your life would be living from your true essence rather than from fear, frustration, or overwhelm
  • Transform the way you ‘DO’ so you get the things you want and gain happiness

Create a Project Design

  • Have a clear vision to define and measure your goal
  • Plan powerful, effective actions to follow through until you’ve achieved your dream

Mina’s passion is to support her clients to tap into their big dreams and who have an inner calling to share their gifts to the world. She commits herself to her clients’ greatness as they continue to produce extraordinary results. Some of the benefits her clients experience are:

  • They feel more confident to take on their dreams
  • They gain clarity in their direction in life
  • They find freedom and empowerment
  • They become pleased with the outcomes it produces
  • They have less stress or worry and more joy and success

Here’s what others say about Mina’s coaching:

“Once you find or discover your essence, you should tattoo it in your mind, because it is the foundation for your future joy, happiness, and success!” ~ Kerinda Raine

“I felt like I was learning to swim again and was afraid of the water. Mina provided me a safe harbor to reveal my concerns and fears. That conversation allowed me to define my goals and refocus on my abilities. I was pleasantly energized by her coaching skills. During these trying, economic times I find value in using her as a coach, as a mentor, someone who can guide me to realize what I know I am capable of producing.” – Dora Mendoza, Life Insurance Agent

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Phone: (949) 791-7655

When:              Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Time:               11:30am – 3:30pm

Place:      Creations Limited

3235 Associated Road

Fullerton, CA 92835

Fee:                 $100 per person (Mina is so certain of her work that she offers a personal guarantee. If at the end of the workshop you are not completely satisfied, you will receive a full refund)